About Me

     Hello I am Michelle your Licensed Massage Therapist. Since I was a little girl I have loved helping people feel better. I am blessed to find my passion through massage. 

     In 2012 I became a Licensed Massage Therapist; massaging at a spa, chiropractors office and nursing home as well. In 2016 I volunteered for the RI Sports Massage Team and the Crisis Massage Team of Rhode Island;  became a Team Leader for CMT- RI in 2017 to present day. I was a 1st Alternate Delegate on the American Massage Therapy Association of Rhode Island (AMTA- RI) in 2017. I am part of AMTA- RI's Membership Committee- New Member connection as of 2018 to present day. Lastly, the Behavioral Health Project assisting to stopping the Opioid Crisis in 2017- 2018.  

     I take pride in my career and in volunteering my services to others. I hope to continue to add to my list of achievements in the future, while helping others alleviate stress, and maintain peace within their mind, body and spirit.